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NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC   There are many different causes of sewer and drain problems. A few of the most common ones are: The build-up of grease, soap residue, body oils, sludge, roots. Clogs caused by various foreign objects such as hair, lint, diapers, paper towels, sanitary napkins, etc. Poor installation or settling ground causing low spots, break in the lines or inadequate sloping. A preventive maintenance program including the use of NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC, can be used to reduce or eliminate the chance of stoppage. VISIT NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION:
Industrial Cleaning Agents Industrial Cleaning Agents
Here is some of the latest equipment Hydro-Tech Systems has developed, with your help, to make your job easier, more efficient, and hopefully...more profitable! Click Links Below to Download Document Files: Universal Hose Reel Bracket 10 Gallon Portable Sprayer .
Our Drain Magic Product comes in a number of sizes. Taxes and Shipping will be added if applicable. Purchase Factory Direct. Call for Distributor Prices 16 ounce Mixing Jars 1 Case of 24 Jars            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   5 Gallon Pail 1 each 5 gallon Pail            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   55 Gallon Drum 1 each 55 gallon Drum           
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Gallons 1 case of 4 Gallons            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Quarts 1 case of 12 Quarts
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